Sunday, 23 November 2014



Last night I Skyped for the first time. 

This sounds like a confession, doesn't it? Well, it is, sort of. In this age of electronic communication, mobile phones, emails, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook... well, you know.... there's Skype. I dipped my metaphorical toes into the metaphorical water. I didn't drown! It was fun! It was.... well... it felt like magic! I was talking to my laptop, and my friends were talking to theirs, and somehow, we all three managed to have a meeting, a discussion, and, most of all, a really good laugh!

Ever since I found that icon, "Skype", some months ago on my new laptop it filled me with interest and curiosity. I clicked onto it... Hmmm..., I clicked off. I Googled it, read all about it, and thought I understood it. But with whom would I Skype? Nah! I decided to forget about it. But every now and then I would click onto it, and just wonder....

Well, I wonder no longer. Last night I Skyped for the first time! I know dear ones! I had not one, but two people to Skype with. It didn't hurt, it was totally painless! I found myself smiling at my screen, we didn't have live pictures, just sound, but it felt like I imagined it must have felt the first time somebody used that wonderful invention, the telephone, or the first time they had listened to a phonograph record. It felt magical, to hear the voice of someone living over 4,000 miles away, and nine hours behind the UK, on my laptop, my laptop for goodness sake!. Often we have 'chatted' on Messenger, and on Facebook, and I had imagined what my far-away friend's voice was like, but when I heard her, all those miles away, well, I felt emotional. Now I can put a voice to the face, and that is really wonderful! 

I know, I know, I know, I could have phoned my friend, but, Skype is just sitting there waiting to be fired up, and it is FREE... imagine, something that's free to use just sitting there on your laptop! There are services that you do have to pay for, click this link to find out more  but for 'just Skyping' it's free.

Two of us live here in the UK, we have met on several occasions now, even been on a trip together. We live about 50 miles from each other, so nothing like the 4,000 miles plus for our other friend. So..... a week ago my friend and I met up in Chichester, West Sussex, to buy our tickets, and now we are going to visit our dear far-away friend next June, all the way to Anchorage, Alaska! 

Well, who knew, eh? It is going to be a trip of a lifetime, we're going to splurge photos all over Facebook, selfies grinning out at you wherever you look... well..., maybe not, that would be a wee bit scary, but we will be Facebooking everyday!

Do you recognise us yet?

Aha! You've guessed! 

So, dear ones, through the wonders of wireless technology, I have Facebooked, Twittered, or is it supposed to be Tweeted? (Images of birds on telephone wires chatting, comes to mind!) And now I've Skyped! No longer am I a Skype Virgin! (waggles eyebrows). Now I feel like an all-round-communicator. Oh yes, I forgot, I am also an author and I communicate
through my blog! So, dear ones, please add those to the list then.

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Skype image and Birds image from Wikipedia

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